Sunday, April 16, 2006

They know...

the girls told me they know there is no Easter Bunny. end of an era - 5 and 9 years old they know "mommy, we know the easter bunny doesn't really e-sist", as Hallie put it so eloquently. Davi pulled out the mental list of why she knew.

1. she saw me hiding eggs one year
2. she said the plastic eggs were the same ones, so how did the easter bunny get them to refill?
3. they sell all the stuff at the store
4. some of the items in their baskets had prices on them

so I guess I am not a slick parent, good at covert missions like pretending to be the Easter Bunny. Its ok, in a way it is nicer this way. I had them fill the zillion plastic eggs for the egg hunt. One more chore crossed off my list :)


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