Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Around the Block Phrase Maker

So Around the Block sends me this tool (which I am head over heels in love with) to use on the taping of Scrapbook Lifestyle called the Phrase Maker. Its not quite out in the stores, so from what I can tell, this is like one of 3 that they had to show/use at trade shows - so generous of them to send me it. Because of the fires the package missed me and arrived a week after taping the show :(
But the bright side is...I have made some projects with it and I am going to share them with you all this week.
the Phrase Maker has GOT to be one of my favorite tools so far. so fun..you can write words up to 8 letters long! I am phobic of my handwriting , so this is a great tool to write with.

I am currently trying to teach my Phrase Maker to mop floors - if I can accomplish this, it would make my life complete.
Also, notice the DARLING label tape {chocolate} that Around the Block has come out with- in addition to darling colors, now they have patterns on the tape for the Label Maker- another fab tool for the handwriting impaired scrapper such as me.
I also adore the little letter stickers that Making Memories came out with a few years back.
I think they were called Ransom letters or something, well, I have used mine all up and ran out of vowels long ago. So I used my label maker to "type" out the words and then cut them apart for a similar look as the little letter stickers. I shall never run out of vowels again!!
{isnt she cute?}
Hallie says its a girl, since she is pink.


Blogger Jennifer Perks said...

OK, now I must add the phrase maker to my wishlist--along with the cropadile and that solder thing. You enabler you. Like I need any more scrap stuff!!

I love your layout...the cut out letters are my favorite!

:-) Jen

6:41 PM  

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