Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Hallie made a car for Pinewood Derby for Girl Scouts. I was very proud of her, she made 98% of the car herself. We went to a workshop and she drew it out, I operated the scroll saw, but she sanded it, used the dremel tool, and added weights all herself. Her design wasn't very aerodynamic, but she wasn't concerned about that, she was going for style! She painted it, added a helmet and eyes. Pam from Yellowbird Scrapbook store helped her with a copic marker technique to color the wings to look like a rainbow tie dye.
She named her car "Metamorphosis" since the wings were detachable, it had to race as a caterpillar, the wings went over the height and width restrictions. when we got there we had to check in, have it weighed and measured and then her car was in a double elimination race.

Unfortunately, her car was fast like a caterpillar too! ha ha. actually, it was really fast, but there were some super fast cars there! So she was eliminated after both races but won first in a "Style Award" - she got a medal and a certificate. We had a really good time, my parents and Davi went to cheer Hallie on. Only 3 girls from our troop made cars for pinewood derby, and all 3 got awards! Erin made the flag car, and Rachel made the pig car. Hallie is all set for next year, she already has planned what she wants to do!


Anonymous Derby Monkey said...

A big congrats to Hallie for making a super cool looking Pinewood Derby car and winning the style award. Those are some awsome looking race car treats.

2:47 PM  
Blogger KellyL. said...

The cars are SO cute! Very clever!

10:51 AM  

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