Monday, August 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown Calendar Kits!!

I have 6 of these kits. I was thinking if I shipped them out in August, you would have time to complete it by late November (right?) I will take this post down when I am out of kits :)

It is a magnetic countdown calendar, it can be hung or stood up like in a plate holder. you can store the extra #s on the back, you have the correct numbers to make 43 days to Christmas all the way down to 1 day till Christmas. I have punched the holes in the pan, die cut the letters & numbers, and there is even glitter included!

The kits are great, they come with everything you need, instructions, and tons of extra paper that you wont even touch (to use on another project!), an idea book, garland to hang it with (if you decide), all the embellishments, gift card holders (for another project), die cut numbers and the painted & glittered cylindrical metal calendar base (painted pizza pan) and more! it is $19 + $9 for shipping for the USA, $19 + $17 for shipping outside the USA. Just use the drop down menu to pick the shipping destination.
Yes, shipping is $9 in the US- ouch!!, that is why I am selling the kit at a discount - trying to offset the painful price to ship.


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