Saturday, April 29, 2006

She's Baaaack!!!

davi arrived home last night safe and sound from her Sacramento/San Francisco field trip. I am so grateful to her chaperone, Beth Imming, who was the best possible person to take her. Not only is she very responsible, calm and patient, but she is a scrapbooker :)! they hadnt even boarded their flight and I think Beth had taken at least 20 photos of them! woo hoo!

they went to a California Mission, Sutters Fort, the state capitol (and the rest of the class saw the Govenor - Arnold Schwartznegger ) but my child was in the bathroom and missed it! ugh. They saw where Fr. Serra was burried, Pier 39, Alcatraz, Panned for gold (she has a vial of gold, iron pyrite, garnets and saphires) and saw the tallest building in SF, the Golden Gate Bridge, a science Museum and....very busy field trip!

Davi brought home her sister a clothespin doll like the settlers had and a music box with a crank for Hallie. very very cute, hallie loved it. She bought a sutter's coin (since sutters fort had thier own money for a while) a Chinese Fan from China town, and...lots of souvieneers.

Each student is required to make a scrapbook (they were each given a disposable camera with a flash) and write a report. Before she got home I bought her stickers, and embellishments for her scrapbook, got some of the cutest gold mining and tour bus Jolee's! sooo cute. I bought Katie some too, as a thanks for her mom taking care of Davi. Davi is very excited to make her scrapbook for school - (so is mommy - hee hee) Davi saved the napkins from the plane and reciepts for her scrapbook (trained her well). Davi told us all about what she learned on her field trip. She said she liked the resturaunts they ate at, but didnt really believe the waiter when she ordered her lunch. She ordered the tuna salad and asked if the tuna is "Dolphin free"? she said the waiter took way too long to respond, so she thinks he wasnt telling the truth! ha ha ha, only my kid would ask if the tuna is dolpin free :)


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