Thursday, July 27, 2006

Surfer girl

I just love this layout. I have been waiting to scrap these photos for almost 4 years.

when Queen & Co came out with the new Make Waves color theme, I knew it was time.

while at the beach, hallie was not quite 2, she watched some surfers. The group of surfers walked by - all carrying their boards. They paddled out and were soon surfing. She watched them so intently. We had brought Davi's boogie board along, but hallie went over and grabbed the little kick board we throw for our dog (sort of like a floating Frisbee).

Hallie set it down in the sand right at the edge of the water. She stood on it, patiently waiting for the water to come up so she could surf.

the water came up, but barely touched her board. She watched the water go out.

Hallie picked up the board, set it down 3 feet closer to the water, waited. Again, the water came up and barely brushed her toes. Once again, she moved the board closer to the water. This time the water came up, and the kick board moved just the slightest bit in the 1 inch deep water. She squealed with delight.


Anonymous Leah LaMontagne said...

so cute cute cute!

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