Wednesday, April 11, 2007

egg artists

my girls love to color eggs. I mean really love to color eggs. they cant wait for Easter and often ask in mid October for me to boil eggs so they can color them.

This year I boiled 8 dozen to end up with a bit over 7 dozen, some of them crack while boiling. Good thing we like boiled eggs around here.

They use crayons, colored pencils, rub ons, and davi dipped a paintbrush and painted with the dye.
Hallie was so funny, she wouldn't color on an egg while one was in the dye, she would wait until she pulled one out of the dye and then start another.


Blogger The Scrap Miser said...

Hi Johanna,
Love you on Scrapbook Lifestyle. I boil alot of eggs too! My son takes them to school lunch and if I forget to boil eggs I have to give him tuckshop to make up for it... anyway i've found if you put the cold egg in cold water and then bring it to the boil the shells don't crack, also don't put too many in the pot it's them bouncing against each other that causes the cracking.

6:23 AM  
Blogger johanna peterson said...

thanks for watching SBLS!!! and that is a great tip- I had done the cold water/cold egg a few years back and forgot to do that- and putting fewer eggs in at a time is a good tip too!! thanks :) my kids love boiled eggs, my younger daughter wont eat eggs any other way.

8:42 AM  

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