Thursday, August 02, 2007

Planes, Trams and Mini Vans

we are back from for a moment I thought we may have to become residents of DFW Airport.
Mini vans:

we started out all perfect, Julie (my sister in law) gave us a ride to the Memphis airport in her mini van. She took the day off of work and we went to lunch and just had a nice last day.
got to the airport a teeny bit behind schedule, which worked out fine since our plane was almost 3 hours delayed

It rained while we were in Memphis and the girls watched a dvd that julie had bought them 17 episodes of Scooby Doo.

apparently - the weather was bad in Dallas, so they couldn't take off from Memphis, and then when it cleared we would have had no place to land...

so when we got to Dallas, we had no gate and we just sat for almost an hour.

ate taco bell and watched our gate change like 7 times, I had heard the tram wasn't working and I knew we were in bad shape if they changed our gate to another terminal.


our flight was pushed back another hour and 15 minutes before we were to leave they told us to leave terminal A19 and go to C29 so we had to walk all the way past A1 and get on the tram, it broke down before getting to terminal C, so they finally got us to a loading dock and then the doors wouldn't open. Davi asked if we had to spend the night on the tram. that would have been a first for us. They got the doors open, I didnt know if we missed our plane, did they know where half the passengers were? did they care?

More Planes:

So its running so close to 11:45 pm, we had to walk 29 + gates, so Hallie needed the potty and I told her "to just keep going", and she said " I haven't gone yet"....we got to the gate and they had pushed our plane to 12:45 am :) yay!!!


well at least it meant hallie could have time to potty and we didnt miss the flight to San Diego. so sad, the airlines were handing out cots at other gates, they had no hope of leaving :(

I found two cots together and the girls were happy I made them carry their pillows
I saw my friend Jean Marie ( a flight attendant ) board the plane and I knew that we were actually going to leave !! I was so happy to see my friend, it was a sign of hope! I told the girls I saw Jean Marie and she HAD to be part of our flight since san diego is her home, and they cheered. then all the san diego people got their hopes up, and I thought "oh, I hope she isnt going to St Louis...yikes"
Brutally tired, and shane looked wiped out, 2:30 am we got to San Diego!!
OOOPs- spoke too soon, they lost 2 of our 6 bags, stand in line for a good hour - man I should have stood in line first! with all the gate changes I knew it would be hard getting our luggage, it was marked A19.
we made it home, slept in our own beds and made me forget about our long trip home :)
no- we don't have our 2 bags yet


Anonymous Pam said...

Oh Johanna, what an adventure! Now that you're all back safe and sound and the realities of all the delays and pain fade away, I'm sure you'll all get a great laugh out of this. I really laughed aloud when you told about Davi saying she "hadn't gone yet" -- what a crack-up! I love your style, not only in your scrapbook creations, but in your writing as well. it's always like a visit with you when I read your blog.

-- Pam Holzman

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Hey- I have spent the night in that airport also. Hey- My father in law and sister in law also had to spend the night there. Cool airport with really bad weather.

1:02 AM  

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