Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tennessee Part 1

Well, here are just a few images from Tn. I literally took hundreds.

Davi drove out with Joey and Julie after Tombstone, but Hallie wasn't feeling well the day before they left so we didn't let her go on the road trip. She cried so hard, she was heart broken. I have no idea why she was sick, but I knew in her eyes - the next day, she was fine to go. one of those mom things- you can look at your child, and you just know how they are. You get that when they are babies, when they cant say when they feel good or bad, happy or sad. You learn to read them. She was sooo upset that morning by the fact she may not be going she was crying and upset all morning. But when it comes to a long car ride, with hardly any stops- better be on the side of caution. Davi whispered to me that she didn't want to go if Hallie couldn't go, which broke my heart even more.

Davi lost a tooth while she was there. Sherry took davi to have her hair done, way cute hair cut for davi :) love it!! Davi and Kara got a chance to connect and play.

So Hallie and I flew out to Tn. a few weeks later. we had a mostly uneventful trip, which is the way I like it while traveling with kids.

We flew into Nashville and we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and walked a bit of downtown Nashville. Very very humid there- wow. oh and bugs, lots of bugs. Nashville is a pretty city, I really liked all the brick buildings. Part of it looked exactly like downtown San Diego.

So if there was a fountain, my kids were in it. throwing coins, putting their feet in, asking to swim in it...gosh - you would think they had never seen a pool before.

We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Paid extra for the radio tour, which after about 10 minutes, my two made me carry them. Mental note to self- only buy the basic ticket.

We had lunch at the cafe there- that was a bit of a bust too, amazing gourmet food, in huge amounts, and the kids ate nothing. Kara, my niece starts out with "I'm not really hungry" and my kids weren't starving, so sherry and I were happy to eat at the snack stand with bagels, muffins...etc. Kara didn't like many of the options at the snack stand and....somehow we ended up at the cafe. the food was like out of this world good, my Ceasar salad had drizzled molasses and caramelized pecans ended up being too gourmet for the kids and they picked at the food :( - so sad, one of the best meals I had while in Tn. they had sweet potato fries and these chicken strips that had an amazing breading on them!

Took a photo of the "sweet tea" they serve in TN. we don't have that here, if you order iced tea, its always unsweetened. Love the way when you order tea the server will ask "sweet tea?" it sounds like "Sweetie?" :)
Loved the country music hall of fame, but the girls seemed a bit bored. I related to more of the musicians than the girls did. They were mostly wondering where Hanna Montana's dad was.


Anonymous Crystal said...

Davi's hair looks way cute. It is very fun and flattering on her. Trev's nic name is "Sweet Pea" because he loves sweet tea and the waitress started calling him Sweet Pea back in Atlanta. So did you see Hanna Montana's Dad. He was at Walmart in Santee a couple weeks back.

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