Thursday, October 25, 2007

just thought this was perfect

just thought this summed it up. this little petunia covered in ash. I can hear sirens as I type this, it may be just the highway patrol after a person with expired tags, but it makes you tense no matter. your heart skips a beat. after the 2003 fires I would freak out if I smelled smoke- the smell of a BBQ would send my kids into tears. our games of "I spy" while traveling in the car would go like this:
Hallie: I spy something black
Me: the rock?
Hallie: Nope
Davi: the dirt?
Me: the call box?
Hallie: Nope...the tree!!
Davi: My turn!! I spy something dark gray
Me: the gaurd rail?
Hallie: the fence?
Davi : No to both!
and so it would go on


Blogger Jen said...

that picture is just so sad really. It makes my heart ache for all of the people affected.

Now your I-Spy game. Well, that just made me giggle. I can so see that. :)

8:36 AM  

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