Thursday, December 03, 2009


Here is an idea for some cheap $1 store cards. I have 3 different cards, so today I am going to show you idea #1.
For this idea, you will end up using two cards to make one finished card, so this pack came with 18, I will only get 9 cards when I am done.

I added ribbon and an acrylic snowflake with some liquid glue.

Cut a frame out of another card, I used small scallop scissors. Cut out the photo of the berries with an Exacto style knife. Add a "window" of transparency, or piece of a page protector. Then add foam tape to the edges of the frame on the back. I used "Flower Soft" for snow. You could use glitter. I also used stickles on the berries in the photo. You could use glue & glitter if you dont have red stickles. Let the stickles dry overnight.
Add a pinch of "Flower Soft" on the photo of the berries in the snow, peel off the backing on the foam tape and add the frame. Tah Dah!!


Blogger Samantha said...

Hey Johanna, this is a great idea!

11:02 PM  

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