Thursday, September 09, 2010

Designing with scraps

"Designing with Scraps" starts October 5th at
For more info go to
finally, for all of you that do not live local to San Diego, you can now take one of my classes!
Designing with Scraps: Finally learn great tips and techniques for using those annoying scraps we all have! Instead of digging through your scraps looking for a piece of paper to use on your project, saying "Where is that piece of paper?".... learn to start with your scraps and say "What can I make with this?". You will create a card and a mini book using only scraps! In this 4 week course we will discover new ways to use those little leftovers. You will rethink tossing out a 1"x2" piece of paper. Learn how to make the perfect bow, ideas for ribbon, and ways to store your scraps.


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