Wednesday, May 03, 2006

mouse cake

we have never made frodo a cake for his birthday, but after 17 years, I figured it was time. gross - but time. we bought some canned cat food, shaped it into a mouse shape, hallie added string cheese whiskers and dry cat food nose and eyes. Davi added lunch meat ears and a string cheese tail. yummy. we put a candle in it, but frodo tried to eat the cake while the candle was still lit. the girls made a wish for him and we blew out the candle. he was in heaven. Frodo started eating his cake before we finished singing Happy Birthday. Not very polite, but its ok,we will let it slide since it's your birthday


Anonymous Crystal Matushek said...

I don't know anyone who would of thought of a mouse cake made out of canned cat food. Sounds like a Sat Night Live Skit waiting to happen. You are so funny. I can only imagine the stories the girls tell at school. Crystal

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Jen Perks said...

Awww, Happy Bday Frodo. Seventeen years. You look awesome for a 17 year old! And what a cute cake!! I'm not going to show Kozmo your blog entry or he might get jealous, as I NEVER celebrate his bday, poor guy. :-) Jen

7:58 PM  

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