Monday, August 07, 2006

welcome home

wow, bad luck with pets...our cat was sick, way sick,and wont really ever get better. the vet got him stable - but that is all.

Frodo has full blown kidney disease and at 17+ there is no cure and we just make sure he is comfortable. sort of the beginning of the end.

so then the dog was nervous having family visiting and the cat gone he suddenly gets sick, and shane rushed him to the vet and it was surgery or put him down. in a split second we were about to lose both of our fur kids.

very few dogs survive the surgery bobo had, but he pulled through.

happy to have all the pets home and shane enjoyed one more nap with them


Blogger Jennifer Perks said...

So happy to see Bobo doing so well. I believe in miracles. He went through so much. Still very sad about Frodo....

8:28 PM  

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