Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Better Homes & Gardens Scrapbooks Etc. ads

Very existing to see the full page ads run in Scrapbooks Etc. This month!!

I look at them and just am amazed how this has all come together so beautifully. Love the entire cast and crew- best benefit of the entire experience.

So fun that my family and friends all over the country (and world **cough cough- Nic Howard in NZ**) can watch the show no matter what time zone or cable connection.

I have reconnected with several friends who saw me on the show and called or emailed me to say they saw it :)

Yesterday my family got to see thier grand daughters or neices on the show scrapbooking with me - so fun!!! they are all calling saying they saw the show and how grown up the girls look

thanks for watching and if you havent seen it yet....


Blogger melissa said...

1st of all-this is my first time on your blog and I LOVE it!! awesome Halloween layout also :)

I have never seen the show so thanks for pointing this out to me

7:14 PM  

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