Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tenessee Trip part 2

Opryland Hotel was pretty darn amazing, like something from a Vegas genre.
You were outside, but inside and it was all very confusing most of the time as far as if you were inside or out...we were inside, but there were huge plants and trees, and a glass roof- it all became like brain pain when thinking about time travel :)
We took the river boat ride, very fun and there is a way cool story about getting water for the river in the hotel. People mailed it in from all over the world in bottles.
For lunch we went to Rain forest Cafe at Opry Mills Mall - very cool, the girls loved eating there. Every time we had a rainstorm, Kara was in the bathroom.
We went shopping a bit and I finally found some black sandal/flip flops!! on sale- like 14.99.
The girls rode the carousel - of course after lunch! and rode in the tea cup- the whole carousel is going around, and then they are spinning. even this photo makes me dizzy!
We went to the Grand Ol Opry and the museum was really neat there. they had an area where you could stand and they have the lights and a painted audience.
Got a great shot of Kara and Sherry- they are both quite photogenic.


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I adore Davi's new hair cut!!

More great photos!!

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