Friday, October 26, 2007

look what Hallie made :)

My flower has the white flowers in the middle,

Hallie's is the flower with the black center and on a black background

The fire is still not out...**sigh** so I decided to just sit and have some quiet time with Hallie. I was stitching some flowers for etsy ( ) and she wanted to make one, so I helped her cut some felt and she sooo patiently stitched around the edge. she didn't get frustrated or impatient, she kept making small stitches all the way to the end. then she put the flowers on and the beads. sometimes she would pull the thread and un thread the needle, but she was so patient. she said she made "a Queen & Co colored flower" :) I think she did GREAT for 7!! I am impressed.
she was so cute sewing so intently. it was nice quality time with Hallie
P.S. Leah and I are adding more items to our Etsy each day.


Blogger Andrea Venn said...

HI Johanna,
Just wanted to drop a little THANK YOU for the fab make-n-take today! I bought the Queen and Co. stamps and the spider web Quickutz. Thanks for the tips! I posted the pics on my blog

6:02 PM  

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