Monday, February 08, 2010

Scrap Class

This is a different type of scrap class, it is a "SCRAP" class. This is a class how to actually USE all those little scraps that 1. you either save because you feel guilty throwing them out (and then never use) or 2. the scraps you toss since you will probably never use them.
After this class you will leave thinking different about those little pieces of paper and ribbon. I am going to teach you how to create using a different approach that will help you utilize your scraps and save $. Also - I will teach you ways to sort and store your scraps so when you want to use some, you will be able to find them!
We are going to make some great projects, but before I post a photo of the project, I want you to think about this pile of scraps for a bit, you will just have to trust me how cute the projects are, for now. I hope you can join us!
March 21st, Sunday 12:30 pm at Yellow Bird Scrapbook store. $15 call for more info at 619 579-7422.


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