Thursday, September 16, 2010

Focus On Photos Starts Today (Sept 16th)!!

I am so excited about my next two classes at My Creative Classroom! if you have never been to the web site, you will loooove it! they have Cricut classes, scrapbooking classes, photography, quilting, beading....The best part is you take the classes in the comfort of your own home - on your own schedule, AND you use up all those supplies you have laying around!! YAY! (or sometimes there is a kit available).
Focus on Photos starts today, but you can still sign up even after the start date. Each lesson is recorded and so you can view each lesson at your own pace. I have seen many students wait until the second or third week to get started :)

My next class starts FOCUS ON PHOTOS class starting September 16th. My class will be offered online in 4 parts, the great part is that you can take the class at home, on your own time. Each segment is about 2 hours long, it is narrated with a Flash presentation (power point that moves with the narration) and includes a set of notes and a message board to ask questions & receive feedback. There is also a gallery where you can upload your work or upload photos that you have questions about.The course is presented in plain language, this course is designed for the average parent/person who just wants to take more consistent photos! I have condensed 5 years of college into a few hours of practical information!
Johanna, I loved the FOCUS ON PHOTOS class!!! It is helping me so much!
Awesome class!!! Everyone should take it!!!
Johanna - thank you so much! I am so excited to actually take my camera OFF auto, to turn the flash off indoors and get some good photos! I never knew what all those settings were on my camera! Thanks!
For more information, just email me back or go to to sign up. just click on the link.


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