Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mission Accomplished!!!

Ok, for a while it felt like this was "Mission Impossible" - but we started over a week ago and I had davi and hallie work on it a bit each day. (yeah had to let hallie paint popsicle sticks too!) - oh, and hallie did all 4 potted trees. Davi struggles in a lot of subjects, but shines when it comes to art. She was so proud of the fountain, she made it out of clay and painted a bottle cap and a tiny saucer for a plant. then for water she used a clear blue glue with glitter. the hand rails are skewers for bbQing and chop sticks. the girls had a blast hunting for sticks and rocks in the yard. we bought the statue, tiny pots, the building itself and orange trees and...all at the craft store. davi used paint and cream of wheat to add a stucco texture. tiles, stepping stones and stairs are fun foam. the trellis is two premade fences hot glued together with chop stick legs :) thank you panda express!! lots of popsicle sticks met their doom in the making of this building. I think the most challenging part was the sign. I didnt know how we were going to do that and davi has a hard time writing sooo small. it finally hit me, I took a photo - of a photo of the church, printed it out 4x6 on my little hp and davi cut it out and hot glued 2 skewers to the back and stuck the skewers in the styrofoam base! so cute, you can read when mass is :) davi is excited to present her mission and give her oral report. we made a cute periwinkle cover for her report and tied ribbon on the edges. I want her to feel happy when giving her oral report.


Anonymous Jen Perks said...

I can't believe how amazing this turned out. I showed my student teacher the pics of it and her jaw hit the floor. Awesome work. I told her Davi's mom was a scrapper and Kat (my student teacher) goes, oh, that explains it. It's all about attention to detail and the little things to make it just right! Definite A+! :-) Jen

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Carmen said...

Wow -- that's amazing!!


(Came across your blog via 2Peas)

11:58 PM  

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