Sunday, September 17, 2006

its a yoga thing

made this layout a while ago, about a year ago, I only had been doing hot yoga for about 2 months and was so impressed with the changes it brought to my life - I made a scrapbook page about it. I had submitted it for an "Athlete in you" call, it didnt make it, but I still like the layout. Guess they didnt think I looked too athletic

makes me laugh though, since I can do the poses so much better now. today I really did the best I ever had at standing bow pulling pose. You can totally tell in these photos I was a rookie yogi :) ha ha

I never thought I would go to yoga- hate the heat, couldnt touch my toes, never been very flexible .... I guess never say never

the journaling on the layout reads:
I am often introduced as “she’s the one that does
the HOT YOGA”. Why would anyone willingly go
to somewhere called “The Torture Chamber”?
90 minutes of yoga in a 110 degree room. 26
postures all done twice, simply known as Bikram’s
Yoga. Why do I go 5 & 6 times a week, even two
times a day? Why do I love it?
A: Because it makes me feel amazing. I feel as
though I have traded in my old body for a brand
new one. I feel 10 years younger. Hot yoga is by far
the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.
I have learned to push myself beyond my limit. I have
discovered I am capable of much more than I ever
imagined. I am more focused and I am able to relax
and distress my mind. I have become stronger, a happier
person, and more confident. For the first time in my
life I love to exercise. It strengthens my mind as well
as my body. It Challenges my determination and
mental fortitude. It is empowering, I feel as though
I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. Yoga
challenges your mind and body to go beyond what
you believe can be accomplished. I cannot do as
much as I would like, but each time I practice, I am
just a bit closer. This is not simply a sport I like, now
it is part of my daily routine. Now it is Yoga for LIFE.


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