Friday, August 17, 2007

Life in San Diego like this

and like this...
and some days look like this too.

Went to the beach again. The girls had a great time and of course didn't want to leave. I think that days like this and the expression of their faces, sums up being a kid in the summer.
Personally, I have a lot of work, errands and chores to do. I don't like the sticky feel of the salt water when it dries on your skin, I don't like the sand everywhere and all the sand in the car, and in every seam and crevice of the cooler, my clothes, my cell phone. I don't like the clean up of the tub and hosing down wet suits and boogie boards. I don't like the packing and unpacking....but then I think back to when I was a kid, and my dad would take me and my brother to the beach. I remember driving - feeling like it was so far away, peeking my head out the window when we got near the beach (since we didn't have air conditioning in the car back then) and the smell of the sea air. I would be so excited when I could see the beach. I just couldn't wait for my dad to park the car! We would dig and make a "pool", play in the surf, feed the sea gulls and collect shells. I remember the warm sun on a beach towel with fruit slices on it. I don't remember the sand all over the car, the packing, the clean up, the work and chores my dad had waiting for him.
So much has changed from when I was a kid, cell phones, DVDs, a DVD player in the car, cable TV, remotes...the toys my kids have don't always resemble my childhood. But when we go to the beach, it is timeless. Its the same things we did. yeah, now they have buckets that look like a sand castle mold, but the fun is the same. Jumping over the waves, sand in your sandwiches, looking for hasn't changed.

This trip to the beach we brought 3 tubes so I could go tubing with them. I was actually quite cold, wet and with the cool beach air, so I needed to dry off. The girls (as always) made a few friends and shared the tubes with them. Davi asked if next time we go can we bring 4 tubes so they will have 2 tubes to share.


Blogger eclecticjoy said...

It looks like your girls had a great time. I feel the same way about the beach, but it is so worth the sacrifice to see my chidren enjoying themselves with pure abandon. Last time we went to the beach, it poured all day, and they still had a fabulous time (while I stayed wrapped in a sheet on the shore...freezing). Not fun for me, but so worth it. Thanks for sharing your photos too. They have given me some ideas for new vantage points.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous nely said...

Such fun pictures, Johanna!

I love the one on the swing, especially!

12:20 PM  

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