Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Winter

Frozen pine needles in ice
Hallie & Davi's friends
Sisters for every season
Mistletoe in the tree

Enjoying the snow

Mt Laguna

We took advantage of our winter weather and headed about 25 miles east and up the road. It rained a bit overnight and I took a chance there would be snow. We live at about 1200 ft elevation, but if you go east, you also travel up to about 6000 ft elevation. We packed up the sleds and a picnic lunch and food for the blue jays and squirrels. There wasn't much snow, but the girls had enough to sled in and just play in the cool winter air. wow, it smelled so nice up there, like pine :) there were icicles hanging from the small Sycamore trees, and clumps of green mistletoe in stark contrast to the bare branches of the deciduous trees. It was nice and sunny so it felt warm in the sun, but it was about 42 degrees in the shade. It is such a treat for my Southern California girls. What a perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit, and enjoy God's natural beauty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see blue sky! Looks like a fun time and beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing. It's been so gray here lately, I'd love sunshine and blue sky weather, even if it was cold!

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Tanya said...

I was browsing and came across your blog.. wasn't I surprised! The pictures are beautiful. We've been receiving alot of snow in Maine without the beautiful sunshine it was nice to see.....

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Turtlelady~Sandy said...

Tkx so much for sharing. I would love to be there and go back down to the heat :=)

2:59 PM  
Blogger Kelly Jo said...

Sounds like a Wonderful Day!
Merry Christmas!
Your Fisk-A-Friend!

6:33 PM  
Blogger Kike said...

Hey, I didn't know that it was possible to find snow in California! Awesome!

Best regards, Johanna, and merry Christmas for you, the girls and your husband!!

12:01 AM  

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