Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday

wow- friday already again!!
just a few reminders...
there is a new video for Candy Cane Fridays up today at Leah's Blog. There is a link to the right------> {but you don't need it since you all have it bookmarked}
there will be a bonus video on Saturday - YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!
There is still room for the Royal Slumber Party - link in the post under this! amazing price for the crop, and for such a good cause too!
There are just a handful of spots left for the Yellow Bird Scrapbook Cruise. Here is a bit of info and here is a link to Yellow Bird Scrapbook store
Take care, I will post soon- have a bunch to catch up on :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johanna - I'm really looking forward to the next webisode about photography. Your bookmarks have given me inspiration for a great gift idea for my mother in law. Thanks for the efforts you girls do.
Antoinette from South Africa

11:54 PM  

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