Tuesday, November 04, 2008

candy begging night

Sara was a pilot and Sandy and I dressed as "tired moms" - the yellow rubber gloves was Hallie's idea....hmmm - I suppose she has seen Sandy and I wear yellow gloves a few times...

Davi was a DUST BUNNY

Kathryn came trick or treating with us, its a tradition. She was a Jedi - her Light Sabre was very very cool and authentic, it made a loud noise and was super heavy and...who needs a flashlight when you have a light sabre to light the way?

Hallie's Honey bee costume turned out cute, I made the tutu and antennae

its a bit late, to post this - I know, but had a lot of work/personal stuff to attend to the last few days.
Davi won 1st place at school for "Most Original". Imagine that...most original at this house :)
Hallie already knows what she wants to be for Halloween next year....a GERM. Yes, hallie wants to be a Germ next year.


Blogger Calia Yang said...

Johanna!!! You're girls are just so adorable!!! ^_^ thank you for sharing!

8:56 PM  

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