Thursday, January 08, 2009

What Johanna Learned

a few people have asked me to post what else was written on my layout, "What Johanna Learned" - it is the layout on our latest video (#49). We decided to kick the new year off with Year in Review page ideas. As most of you know 2008 was a challenging year for most of us. I would rather focus on what I can take from the last year to make 2009 better, than focus on actual events.
The journaling reads:
1. sometimes success is admitting defeat
2. your true friends and family will love you even if you are not perfect
3. admit a mistake, accept it and live up to it
4. sometimes the right thing to do is the most difficult path to embark upon
5. happiness is a conscious decision.
6. ask for what you need, don't assume others know what you need
7. I am stronger than I know
I am smarter than I believe
I am more determined than I realize
8. God has my back
I hope all of us start to learn from our mistakes, uplift our friends and rise to the occasion. Sometimes you have to reach down deep for that inner strength you did not know you had and push forward. A friend of mine told me "you can eat an elephant if you need to, just one bite at a time"- I guess that means just take things one step at a time...but when she said that I thought "I typically don't eat red meat, and aren't elephants protected by the federal governments?"


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