Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is a note from Scrapbook Royalty- I will be posting on their blog on December 21st. For more information, click on the pink "our blog" link. That will take you to the SBR blog.

Good Luck!!
your scrappy friend,
Johanna Peterson

December 13th through 24th Scrapbook Royalty will be giving away 78 gifts!
A Royal Hunt!

Starting this Saturday, December 13th, visit
our blog {Scrapbook Royalty Blog} everyday for some fun facts and a little scavenger hunt to win presents! Sucessfully complete the hunt and post your answer in a comment on that day's blog post. Scrapbook Royalty will draw one winner each day from the correct answers. The best part is, each day SBR will add another gift! On the 12th day, the winner will recieve 12 gifts!

SBR will have guest bloggers as well! The instructors from the Royal Slumber Crop are on the list and a host of other wonderful giving charitable crafters! There is no catch and no cost, we just want to give back a little to the community that has helped make Scrapbook Royalty a success.


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