Saturday, July 25, 2009

Focus on Photos Volume 2

Hey everyone, Leah, Donna and I made a new photography class on CD!! It is approximately 1 hour, with over 60 still photo examples, and expanded notes. You can order it here for $15! and.... If you already have volume 1 we are offering a 50% discount, just email me and we will set you up with the discount.
BUT WAIT! there is more- we have a preview of the new CD on the the girlfriends blog, and if you leave a comment on Youtube or on the Girlfriends blog under video 75 we are giving away one of the Focus on Photos CD's!!
I get asked the following question quite often, so I thought I would share the answer:
"why are my photos blurry when I turn off the flash and take a photo indoors? How can I fix it?"
when you turn off the flash, your camera needs more light, and defaults to a setting that the shutter speed is too slow. to compensate for more light, it is taking the photo for a longer amount of time. to help let in more light find your ISO setting. You may need your manual to find your ISO setting -toggle or arrow up to a higher # - if you have never moved it - it is at an auto default of 64 or 100. move up to 400, 600, 800...this will let you have more light in via sensitivity to light. this will allow your camera to need less light via shutter speed, which will allow it to shoot the photo for less time. I hope this helps, the CD Focus on Photos covers all of this and gives you examples. it may be helpful to get one :)


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