Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doggie Update!!

Ok, the dog's owners were hanging up "lost dog" signs and saw our "found dog" signs. I got a call about 7:30 pm and a lady at the other end said "I think you found my dog, does she have a pink polka dot collar?" I said yes and she started to cry. I gave her the address and the girls and I and Sandy waited with the dog in the front yard. She parked across the street and I thought the dog's tail would wag off when her owners got out of the car. The whole family came and friends of theirs who were helping hang up signs came over too. we were all hugging and everyone was so happy.
Her name is "Gracie" and she is a Chi-Weenie. She is full grown. Her owners had just moved to the area, and that was the first day of work, so Gracie was a bit freaked out. I think she must have set out looking for her owners.
It was really special to be part of such a happy ending like that. It was better than any "feel good" movie, and definitely the best summer day ever. I think the girls will remember hanging up signs and taking care of "Gracie" for the day and how amazing it was to help her find her family. Hallie said late that night "We did a good thing, didn't we?"
I said "yes, Gracie was so sweet, I think a lot of people would have wanted to keep her"
Hallie asked, "Do you miss Gracie?"
I said "yeah, but I am happy her family found her"
she replied, "that made me more happy than all the presents in the world"

Me too :)


Blogger Krista said...

okay, now i wanna cry, LOL!

7:42 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

AWW that was such a nice story. My eyes are watering up now : ) happy tears!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that made my eyes well up with tears. Your daughter sounds sooo sweet :)

5:42 PM  

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