Tuesday, August 11, 2009

our little temporary angel

So today I was at Petco buying crickets. At the register there was a bucket of dog biscuits. I took one (for the neighbor dogs) and the cashier at the store said "oh, what type of dog do you have?" I replied,"Oh, we have a cat, robo hamster, tarantula and gecko, but no dog. I just get the treats for the neighbor dogs"...
Fast forward 15 minutes.
We have a dog.
Well, not really, we cant keep her. I was driving down Lake Jennings, which is a very busy road and the truck in front of me slowed down. I was moving into the middle turn lane to turn left. I see this teeny dog run out from under the truck and towards my car. I lost sight of her and was afraid to move my car, so I stopped and looked around, then under my car, I still couldn't see her. I was still too afraid to get back into my car without knowing where she was, had I already rolled over her? I walked to the other side of the car, got on my hands and knees (hoping a car wouldn't run over my legs) and looked under my car. She was shaking and hiding by my tire. when I reached for her she went even further under my car. Have I mentioned it's really hot out here in August? I crawled under my car as far as I could and grabbed her two front legs and drug her out. I put her in my lap and drove home. she was really thirsty, hungry and tired.

She is sweet and curious, she has no tags. The cat is ok with her, she isn't all puffed up or upset. We have shown her to most of the neighbors. The girls and their friends put up found dog signs around the neighbor hood. I am going to drive and put some up a bit further out. Someone is missing her.

So for now, we are enjoying her. She likes to sleep on your lap, oh and a blankie is good too.


Blogger susan m said...

What a sweetheart! Let me know if she needs a home.

10:06 PM  

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