Saturday, May 27, 2006

tennis anyone?

the girls went to a party yesterday. Katherines parents belong to the country club and had a tennis pro come out and play games with the girls.

they had a great time, they played really cute games and the girls didnt want it to end.

after tennis we had cake and snacks.

the only hitch was that the birthday girl fell down steps at school a few minutes before pick up time and couldnt play tennis or walk sad!! she was a good sport and I think she had fun anyhow.

davi is making her a blanket to comfort her while her ankle gets better.its white fleece and she is putting a pink fringe on it.


Blogger Jennifer Perks said...

What a great idea for a party! Looks like the girls were having fun! Sorry about the bday girl, though! How sweet of Davi to make her a get-well blanket! :-) Jen

8:51 PM  

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