Sunday, May 14, 2006

Day one: Life as a 10 year old

Davi had a soccer game on her birthday. They played the white waves and won 5-2. Now they go on to the finals and play the first place team. Grandma and Grandpa went to watch her game. Davi loves it when they come to watch and really kicks it up a notch when she knows they are there. Grandpa video taped it.
Grandma and Grandpa took us all out to brunch at Jimmy's. The girls love eating at Jimmy's since you can get a waffle with ice cream and whipped cream for breakfast. Chocolate ice cream of course.Davi has always wanted to tell the waiter it was her birthday and to have them sing to her. We weren't even sitting down yet and davi blurted out "its my birthday!!" they brought her fresh fruit and sang to her. You can tell we live in California (fruit instead of cake) - she took some fruit home for her hermit crabs.
She asked a few friends over and they played on the trampoline and waterslide before dinner. Davi got to pick what we had for dinner - she asked for steak, mashed potatoes, and watermelon.
Of course I made my traditional ice cream cake. It was pretty good - smores "oreo" cookies, nestle crunch ice cream, chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles. Madison sang us a chocolate song while we ate cake.

davi was so happy to get clothes for her birthday. Her favorite was a jacket with sequins, embroidery and crocheted cuffs - the Unfabulous line (Emma Roberts on Nickelodeon). She got a MP3 player (PINK of course). I guess life is good when you are 10.


Blogger Mary said...

Happy Birthday Davi. Looks like she had a good time. And wow, she totally looks like your mom Johanna. So cute.


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