Thursday, May 18, 2006

this is so much fun

this blog thing is really fun. I love how people leave me comments that what I posted makes them smile or laugh. I am seriously taken back that someone would think my boring little life was funny enough to want to share with their friends :)

I mostly started it to speed up and organize my scrapbooking. I would have details of events, a few photos and dates all done and in one location for me to refrence and I can even just print it out

thanks everyone for leaving comments! :)



Blogger Jen said...

I would hardly say your life is boring. Giraffe puppets with weiners (gasp),geckos that smile and girls that are fluent in "Kazoo". Need I say more? :)

2:08 PM  
Blogger Kike said...

You are very welcome. It's not a hard job reading your blog. It's an anti-stress activity for me, believe me. And reading about your sweet and humour-sensed children is always tender and relaxing!

Thanks and keep the good job.


1:54 PM  

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