Sunday, September 24, 2006

Waiting for the tooth fairy

Queen & Co. tooth fairy box
love this little container.

Can't take credit for the idea- my totally creative friend Wendy reed made one for her son one out of a chic charms/alphabettys container.

what a perfect idea for us moms with kids with teeth just dropping out on a weekly basis it seems.

at our house the going rate is $5 (all gold dollars)

I used a sassy sequin 2 sided container to make the box.

I added Queen & co beads, charms, jump rings and alpha bettys.
oh and I used a ton of glitter :) I looove glitter.

the best part is I used the crown on the top lid- and I just laid the wand handle on the cross part of the Q.

Thanks so much Wendy! I thought it was such a cute idea since Hallie has not one, but two loose teeth!

Wendy has a son, so hers was not completely covered in glitter :)

I think the tooth fairy will love the beads and glitter- a bit of bling for the tooth fairy.

I wanted to go with a fantasy, princess, fairy, magical look. Hallie loves it and saw it right after I took photos of it, I placed two gold dollar coins in it for the photos. She looked at it and said, "can I have it now?" I said yes. She asked "does it come with money included?"


Anonymous Crystal Matushek said...

Love the tooth fairy container! I think I may need to steal this super cute idea. I have been looking for a cute container but this the adorable. We seriously have the same taste in music. I love this song. It was my happy song this summer. I was happy when I heard it. Crystal Matushek

11:46 PM  
Blogger johanna peterson said...

oh crystal! you just made my night!! :) I am in love with this little container too- it not only has room for the tooth , but room for the money on the other side...I might just have to make you one!

I agree, this is such a good "happy" song - love it :) so glad it made you happy to hear it on my blog.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Shaunte Wadley said...

Five bucks??!!

My kid would be ripping out their permanent teeth to get that.

My poor urchins get $1. HA!

Very cute box, love it. Congrats on the show.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Adrienne said...

HOLY CRAP Johanna...I totally missed these containers!!!!!!!!!!!! geeeez they are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:48 AM  

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