Tuesday, November 28, 2006

poor neglected blog

I have been shooting in Los Angeles for Scrapbook Lifestyle and went to Los Angeles for training at Epson. wow- amazing, generous sponsors of the show, they trained us how to use all their latest printers, picture mates, scanners... and gave us equipment for our own. wow. I printed a large format photo- 12x12- amazing detail and clarity, I am officially in love!!

This week on Scrapbook Lifestyle we are working on the studio portrait album, I think my pencil-bead technique will be aired later this week

I have been sick, fighting a cold and finally gave in.

Davi is playing the clarinet so beautifully- I can understand what songs she is playing :) and hallie sings along.

Hallie had a physical, all is ok, she has perfect hearing and better than perfect vision! (which is sooo nice considering most of my family wears glasses and shane has contacts)

My friend Judy had her baby- Emmerson :) yay judy!! cant wait to see that baby when I am feeling healthy!!

Rained here yesterday- a bit out of the blue, nice change of weather, just a few days ago it was like 92 degrees, and dry as a bone. I really like the rain.

Gearing up to shoot season 2 of Scrapbook Lifestyle!



Blogger Kike said...

Glad to see you and your family are fine.

Best regards!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Tricia said...

Hey Joanna!
I would love to see your 12 x 12 photo that you printed out if you ever get a chance to upload it! I have a 13 x 19 HP wide format printer and absolutely love mine! I would love to see how the Epson prints!! Great blog, by the way, I love reading it!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Hey- Guess what? My friend who is having a baby at the end of December has the name Hallie on her very short list of names. It could be ALlie, Mia, or Hallie. Just thought I would share. Glad all is well with you and I hope your Scrapbook LifeStyle Show Shooting went awesome.
PS- Have you seen sweet Emerson? She is so new and fresh.

8:41 PM  

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