Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Candy Begging Night

This year for Candy Begging Night, um, I mean Halloween...

Hallie wanted to be a Hula Girl or Lilo (from Lilo and stitch)

Davi wanted to be a Jellyfish, a moon jelly to be specific.

to start with, umbrellas are hard to come by in San Diego, and when you do find the measly little selection of umbrellas, they don't sell clear ones.

Had to order one off the internet, but the good thing was it was wrapped in the large bubble plastic!! ha ha!!

did you notice HOW i cut out the bubble plastic??

the jellyfish had two lights clipped to the handle so the whole thing had the luminescent thing going on.

Hallie's costume was so easy - not much of a challenge for me :) that's ok, last year she wanted to be a car hop- the root beer floats were award winning :) ha ha

all night we heard "hey look - it's a jelly fish!" davi was just beaming and hallie did the hula for everyone.

to the girls this is a night to dress up and beg for candy from strangers and eat candy for dinner, but to crafty moms like me, this is our the academy awards for actors. it is our night to shine.

Happy Halloween

and I know where you can get a slightly used jellyfish costume


Blogger Shelly said...

OH MY GOSH! Those costumes are AWESOME! The jelly fish. W-O-W! If there were creative mom of the year awards you would win!!! I'm sittin' here amazed :)

5:24 PM  
Anonymous SpiderGirl said...

Your hula baby is gorgeous but the jelly fish costume is FANTASTIC!!! Now I just have to start talking about how COOL jelly fish are to trick my kids into wanting to be one for Halloween next year!! LOL.

10:16 PM  

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