Thursday, December 28, 2006

ice rink snowmen

we went ice skating the other night and stayed until it closed. They don't have a zambonie or anything so they sweep all the ice shavings into a pile and then shovel it off.

So as we drove past, I stopped and had a plastic bag in the car and asked them to shovel some into the bag.

we brought it home and the girls made snow men at the table.

It was quite clean looking, hallie got a lot of debris in hers from the twigs for arms.

they started to melt and hallie came to me with big tears welling up in her eyes. "Mommy - she is melting...Please save her!!! don't let her die!"

ugh...I hate these moments.

10:30 at night I am rearranging the freezer for two snow men on plastic plates. Here I thought I could retrieve my Queen & Co mini brads after they melted!

So on shelf # 2 is Hallie's snow man next to a bag of prawns. On shelf #3 is Davi's next to a bag of chicken fries.


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