Wednesday, January 16, 2008

video blogging installment # 4

we finished uploading video # 4. Donna had a great idea about having a card buffet class/party. You set up paper for the cards 4x8" and 5x9", 4x12" etc...and layout stacks of pattern paper pieces, scallops. add bowls of flowers, buttons, and other embellishments. add some letter stickers or chipboard and then let everyone just create cards. Donna said it was like a taco bar, but I think its more like a salad bar :) hee hee.
I loved the idea and had so much fun with it, I actually forgot we were video taping and just stood up to make my card! :) ha ha. I often stand while I scrap or pack kits, so it was just a habit thing, but I literally forgot about the video and was just having a great time digging into all the amazing papers, flowers, buttons...Donna had laid out. It was one of those "Kid in a candy store situations".
Also, ok freaking out about the ZUTTER DREAM CUTS!! I had seen this, and didnt really understand what it did or why I desperately need one now. if you are using a 12x12 piece of cardstock/paper it will cut your paper in half or thirds, PERFECTLY!! no measuring! and the side guide rails slide in, so if you cutting a 7" wide piece of paper- to use the single blade to cut your paper in 1/2, simply slide the rails in and then you have two 3.5" pieces! I pack a lot of kits so this is a great cutter for me. Leah lent me her Dream Cuts and Erin & I cut all the paper for 30 rolodex kits for in a matter of minutes! the rolodex kits all take like 12 4x4" pieces of cardstock. wow.
A special thank you to my faithful friend, Erin. She comes and packs kits with me when I have classes. Only a true friend would count out 360 star sequins for each of my 40+ kits :)


Anonymous Patty W said...

Just stopping by to say how much I'm enjoying the video blogs! Y'all are too cute and so much fun!

I saw the Zutter before and think it's pretty cool too.


11:43 AM  
Anonymous Godzoned (Debbie) said...

zutter sounds great. I saw the video on Leah's blog.

unfortunately I haven't the room to put it and I haven't seen it in the shops here in Chch, NZ.

Very handy for card making. I'm always cutting down 12x12 in 4's.

1:04 PM  
Blogger scrappyhappy08 said...

I love the new video and Leah are so funny!!!! It's nice not to see you all so "stiff"...Keep up the good work!! BTW I love all of your techniques too!!!!

Michelle Weatherly

8:26 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

That is a true friend indeed. The videos are a hoot-keep 'em coming.

8:24 PM  

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