Monday, May 12, 2008

Hallie's Debut

we have video #20 up. Hallie is in the video (acting goofy) so you definitely need to see this one.
Also, I show my "Recipe Album" that I am teaching at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store on May 22nd, 6:30 PM

Thanks for leaving comments for Hallie, she was thrilled to have "letters". She took her chicken to a birthday party on Saturday and to Sunday school on Sunday :)
Later today I will post a little project I did, I started using a little date book to keep my life straight, and just couldn't stand it. My accountant gave it to me, and I started carrying it around because their phone # was printed on the front, and then I started using it- but the cover just horrified me, it's like some photo right from the 70's. I will post photos later how I made it look like it was from the current century. :)


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