Friday, May 09, 2008

Birth announcement!

OK not really, but sort of. Hallie and her second grade class all had eggs that they "hatched" in an incubator. Hallie hatched her chick on May .1st and we got to bring her home yesterday.

Wilbur (even if its a girl) 1 oz. 3 inches long.

I am smitten with this little chick. she loves to be held and loves to sleep in your hands. she loves to snuggle and sit on you, and often jumps on to my head.

When she is more independent we will give her to our friends who have horses, chickens, goats...then we can visit Wilbur.


Anonymous Pam said...

What an adorable chick. I know what you mean aobut how sweet a baby chick can be, I had one as a child. We got to raise them for about three or four months, then my dad took them to an aunt's farm where we could visit. That chicken remained friendly to me anytime we went out to visit. Halley, I know you'll have a friend for life. Congratualtions on your new baby!

Pam (from YB)

8:15 AM  

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