Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hey everyone

Thanks for all your well wishes, I am feeling better each day.

Hey - they just announced the ATB {Around the Block} Design Team. I am very excited and honored to be a returning member :) yay!! This year is even better since they are part of UltraPro. UltraPro also has Chatterbox and 7 Gypsies...YUM!!!
Here is a link to the blog announcement http://www.aroundtheblockproducts.com/blog/

Hey we have a new video up at Leah's blog - there is a link to the right under my avatar "Leah & Johanna's scrappy videos" I shared a little pumpkin box decoration/treat bag.

I will try to post later (much later tonight) or tomorrow about "Tinkerbell" the tarantula, yoga kitty, my disco dance class and all sorts of goings on here.

Soooo wish I could just take a nap right now :) soon I have to leave to go collect kids from all over east county....looove carpooling. not.


Blogger Darlene said...

Miss seeing your layouts. Maybe we can see one or two later.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hey lady! How ya been? Miss ya. Congrats on the ATB DT! :)

8:34 PM  

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