Monday, February 04, 2008

Just an update

Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered my photo class on CD :) I have had so many people that told me that after taking my class, for the first time EVER they felt like they KNEW how to get the photo they wanted. If they want the background blurry or don't want to use a flash indoors or...
A heartfelt thanks - I have so many things on my plate, so to take a day away from that and decide to film it was a big decision. It was a lot of work to film it, edit it, design a cover, burn the CDs, etc. so it makes me very happy to know it will be enjoyed and I can't wait to see the photos you take using the lessons you have learned. Maybe this is my true calling, helping parents and scrappers become more confident photographers :)
If you would like a copy, please visit my etsy site - there is a link to the right ( you can get a copy there on etsy. I tried to price them so that everyone who wanted one could get one :)

Davi stayed home sick the other day. She is under so much pressure at school, I think he poor little system just needed to take a break. Her whole life is homework.Life shouldn't be so hard when you are in 6th grade. ugh.
So we went flying - I had like 7 sites to shoot and she loves to ride along. I really enjoy my time with her, she is my buddy. It was a beautiful day out, the days prior had rained and this day was pretty up in the sky. I love the way the sun reflects on the clouds and the air is so crisp and clear after the rain.

Here is my latest layout- it is from the January Kit for Creating Inspirations. I looove their kits :)


Anonymous StacyS. said...

Thanks Johanna! I ordered mine yesterday morning and I can't wait to get it! I got a Sony Digital SLR A100 for Christmas and was previously using a Minolta 35mm with zoom lens, etc. I can use the 35mm lenses on the SLR and that was the biggest reason for buying it. I been struggling to get the shots that I want and of course am nervous about changing the settings, so your creating this DVD comes at the perfect time for me to learn to use my new toy. As a mom and a scrapbooker, your instruction will be just what I need!
Thanks again!
Stacy (Alberta, Canada)

7:28 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Johanna awesome service, my cd arrived today, yeah! I will be viewing it soon.

Now I don't know much about you and your family, but what you did with your dd sounds like something I had done recently with mine. My dd is only in 3rd grade, and it is crazy what they are making them do at that age, and the amount of work they put on them. Since I work for a different school system then the one my dd goes to, we might have a day off she doesn't and not too long ago this happen, and I told her she could stay home with me. This year has really been hard on her, and it was a break I think she needed.

Of course I do hope your dd had a good time having a day off with you, middle school is a big change in child's life.

Sometime could you tell more about this flying? Do you fly, or does someone else? Ok my dinner might be burning,,,thank you so much for getting the cd to me so quickly..I can't wait to watch it.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Carla said...

Johanna - thank you so much for making this CD! I got mine in the mail today and immediately put it in the computer to watch it! I am so excited to actually take my camera OFF auto, to turn the flash off indoors and get some good photos! I never knew what all those settings were on my camera! Thanks!

TOnight I'm going to try to apply what I've learned from you to take pics at my son's basketball practice. Up until now they all turned out bad b/c they were underexposed and/or blurry. I'm excited!

Thanks again...and...I love the v-blogs from you and Leah!

11:09 AM  

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