Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photo CD feedback

Johanna, I loved the FOCUS ON PHOTOS cd class!!! It is helping me so much!

Johanna, I loved the focus on photos cd! AMAZING!!! I have watched a couple of times and keep reading the notes...

Awesome product!!! Everyone should have it!!!

Johanna - thank you so much for making this CD! I got mine in the mail today and immediately put it in the computer to watch it! I am so excited to actually take my camera OFF auto, to turn the flash off indoors and get some good photos! I never knew what all those settings were on my camera! Thanks!

thanks everyone who ordered my CD and I really thank you for your fantastic feedback! It is a real pick me up to read these comments :) thank you again.

I made more CDs and added them to etsy ( ) or there is a link to the side :) thanks and God Bless!!


Blogger Carolyn said...

Yes the cd is awesome! Just a little question. When take a close up shot of someone or something, how close to you actually stand to the subject? I sometimes think I have a good shot, then when I upload it to the computer, it wasn't really in focus at all. Although, now after seeing the cd, I probably will use a different setting then auto one, but I still would like to know how close should I be. Thanks Johanna!

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