Friday, May 16, 2008

Hallie's New Do


Hallie has been showing her new do and her Bag-o-hair to everyone. She is very proud of her short hair (to her it is short) . I took these photos at a friend's house that we went to see just to show her Hallie's hair. We have visited many people lately to show them, "The Hallie Roadshow" may be visiting you soon

She has never really had it cut before, I was afraid she had so much of her identity linked to her hair, she would be upset if it was drastically cut. it has been long enough to sit on since her 4th birthday, and everyone who she meets comments on her long, beautiful hair.

She is very happy and I love it, it looks great on her and from the back I often for a split second don't know if its Davi or Hallie

She took her bag of hair to school to show her friends and classmates and she forgot her zip lock at school, she was very worried she would lose it since her name was not written on the bag. I reassured her everyone at the school would know who it belonged to!


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