Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ensenada was beautiful. Everyone told me that there wasn't much to see and how Cabo was so much better and...I did enjoy the beaches in Cabo San Lucas, but in Cabo we were bombarded with people selling jewelry, hats, tshirts, whistles...Ensenada was less touristy and quiet. We took a tour to LaBufadora Bay to see the Blowhole. Our tour guide was so much fun. It was very scenic and relaxing. The tour bus would pull over and stop anywhere we wanted, not like the US at all. At the Blowhole there was a marketplace and we shopped and got FABULOUS churros. I thought we had eaten some good churros living here in San Diego, but these were amazing!! warm and greasy - covered in cinnamon sugar. The water was so clear and blue, the photos just don't do it justice. Our tour bus was to leave back for the ship at 2:00. I thought we had to rush to catch it, when we arrived I didn't see our bus or the tour guide was 2:02...I thought they had left us! - we could have hopped another bus if they had room, it wasn't like we were going to have to become part of the local population, but I was amazed we missed it, I mean we were only 2 minutes late...Our bus was parked in the shade and our tour guide, the bus driver and most of the tour group was in a little restaurant drinking beer and eating carne asada tacos :) we didnt leave until about 2:30.


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Lovely photos Johanna, absolutely lovely!

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