Thursday, May 07, 2009

Girlfriends Book, New Video & Topiary Tree

Big day for me here. The "Girlfriends Club" book finally went to press!! I was up late last night working on the finishing touches on our book through Pine Cone Press. I celebrated by washing my car and vacuuming my car. So many things went by the wayside while I was working on it. It felt really good to just wash my car and not be thinking "oh, I should be working on the book.."
I can't speak for Leah and Donna, but I couldn't be more excited about the book. I am hoping to get a copy of it on Tuesday(?) or so...

We have a new video up at Leah Fung's Blog, there are 2 links to the right. I showed how I made a cute little topiary tree for a Mother's Day gift.

here are a few shots of the project, Sandy and Sara modeled for the photo. It turned out so cute. The topiary took about 150 buttons, I am making some kits, I should have about 8 for sale on etsy, or you can email me :)

Finally settling in a bit in our new home...still need dressers and desks and...desperately, but it will have to wait for now.
Happy Mother's Day :) I already got my gift, my two darling daughters, and just to add frosting to the cake, the Girlfriends Club Book is being printed as I type this!!

I am so blessed.
your scrappy friend;
Johanna Peterson


Blogger Rozette said...

I am so excited about the book! I can't wait. WOW, Tuesday?!?!? I didn't realize they printed so quickly.

11:09 AM  

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