Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have two classes to announce, March 21st, {Sunday} at 12:30pm at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store in El Cajon,
I am teaching a Scraps Scrap Class. $15 Finally USE those pesky scraps you save but then toss out since you never use them. Learn how to design with scraps and different techniques that are great for tiny pieces.

At 3:00 the same day {March 21st} I will be teaching my "Focus On Photos" Class $15 for one class, $45 for all 4. This will be a 4 part series class, but if you want to just attend the first one, I would love to have you join us!
The first class includes a power point presentation and my lecture on DVD, and a set of notes {bring your camera & manual - if you can find the manual}. call 619-579-7422 for more info, or you can sign up online :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just viewed your presentation about photography and the cds you will be selling on Leah's video (via Twitter).

So timely for me, since I suck at taking pictures with my digital camera. I'm hoping that I can win the first cd, then purchase the second one. Then I can scrapbook more successfully with beautiful pics.


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