Sunday, June 25, 2006

good clean fun

Rub-a - dub dub, two girls in a tub? ha ha. Only at our house, you just never know what we will do on a sunday afternoon. the biggest rubber ducky in history!!
hallie gave her baby a bath too.

the girls got some bubble bath from grandma and we got back so late I said they could have a bath in the morning. I suggested what if we put bubble bath in the kiddie pool since it was so hot today (not normal california weather at all) - about 100 and totally humid.

Multi tasking at its finest- taking a bath and cooling off. complete with pool floaties and sunglasses.

the dog was no where to be seen, I think he thought he was next.

this may not be great for the grass....hmmmm.


Blogger Jennifer Perks said...

ONLY at your house! :-) Way to multi task!! Love that rubber duck float. Super pics! I can't believe it's 100 there!!

1:59 PM  

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