Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Mom to the Rescue!!

OK, since Mother's Day is quickly approaching, I made a card to honor all the "Super Moms" out there!
For all the moms who cook every night, sew on girl scout patches, make Halloween Costumes, paint Styrofoam balls for a 5th grade solar system model, wipe noses, play jump rope and hot wheels, bake cookies for bake sales, pack lunches and say things like "Eat burnt toast, it will make your hair curly" and "Wear clean underwear, you never know when you will be in an accident"...I salute you!!
If you are local, you can make this card too!! you can join us at the Yellowbird Scrapbook store Open House - Friday April 23, 4-8pm at Yellowbird - 700 N. Johnson Ave (right across from the Wal Mart at Parkway Plaza) 619.579-7422 or or
I only have 13 of these kits! email me at with questions. :0)
Hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


the winner of the free class seat for "Designing with Scraps" is Pam "Frippery" from Ohio. Thanks to all who entered! There is still time to enter at

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Free Designing With Scraps class seat!!

This week I will be giving away a seat in my upcoming class: Designing with Scraps. There will be giving away one seat to a newsletter subscriber at and one seat will be given away on my blog.
This is a great class, we will be making 2 darling projects all made out of scraps! You will also learn how to tie the perfect bow and lots of ideas for little bits and pieces of ribbon and paper.
All you need to do is leave a comment to enter. If you are having trouble leaving a comment here on my blog, just email me at . Winners will be announced on April 13th.....Good Luck!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Mother's Day Class

Here is what I was working on....
I am teaching a Mother's Day Wreath class at Yellow Bird Scrapbook Store in late April {date and time TBA}
I love crepe paper and I love crepe paper roses even more!
OK, so I guess my mom saw her gift :) Actually, you can make this wreath for any occasion or just for yourself.
Have a rosy day :)
Until later, I remain your scrappy friend...johanna peterson

YAY!! rainy day

I am so excited, I have locked myself in my scrap room {not literally since my scrap room doesn't have a real door...} and I am working on a Mother's Day wreath! Check back soon to see photos and a date for this class!

also, be sure to check out my class at

johanna peterson

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bug Rescue!

Do you know what these little bugs are?
They are black and bumpy with red dots....
These are baby Lady Bugs. well, actually lady bug beetle larvae. They are harmless and looking for a place to make a cocoon. Around this time you will see a lot of these and they will attach themselves to weeds and make a cocoon on a blade of grass, leaves and even buildings and lawn furniture. The cocoon is pale orange and about the shape of a ladybug.
I was heading out to the store today and noticed a bunch of ladybug larvae trying to cross our neighbor's driveway. It was dusk and they were looking for a good place to spend the night and probably make a cocoon soon. I got the girls and we collected them and put them in a plastic container and then put them on a raised bed of plants, where they won't be mowed, weed whacked, stepped on or sprayed with roundup or some other pesticide.
If you see these little bugs, please be kind to them, they just want a safe place to make a cocoon so they can hatch into a lady bug!

P.S. if anyone is a palm reader, can you read mine?