Thursday, June 28, 2007

creative time

Hallie was invited to a birthday party at a ceramic cafe. She had so much fun- great party place. they had this amazing throne for the birthday girl. Hallie loves art and creating, so this was a perfect party for her. It was so funny how most kids painted their cat black or the turtle green. Hallie added polka dots, a bracelet, necklace, a flower garland for her hair and where her skirt had folds, Hallie painted darker blue for "shading". Saturday we get to go pick up her "moon fairy"

If you are local, you have got to check this out. The birthday girls parents own the studio, so I like to support local family businesses.

Color Me Mine - Carl and Carmen McKissack


214B Town Center Parkway, Santee, CA (it is next door to family Christian bookstore in Santee, right near the wal mart/Michael's) across from costco and home depot centers

On July 14 they start a doggie dish painting contest!! I think this would be a great family activity.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

pool party

Yesterday Hallie asked me to set up the play pool, and when I did - it had a crack.
The last one was a large hard plastic pool, but was a bit small for both of the girls now, so it was time for a new one.
Went to wal mart and browsed the mini pool section.
Hallie liked one with a blow up palm tree, Davi told Hallie "they arent like they look on the box, it never is as nice as on the box"
I thought to my self, how true Davi. my life never looks like it does on the box. The cover of the board game shows two children laughing, clean and taking turns. they dont show one kid crying and the other with her arms crossed saying "I wont play! I never win!" both with chocolate and jello stains on their face and/or clothes. My cakes never look like the picture on the box and my grass doesnt look green like on the bag of fertilizer.
So we picked a pool that had a 2o year old mom in a tank top gently splashing her 4 children. Took it to the register with our torillas and diet coke.
The girls like to sit in a pool sometimes and play with barbies, drink slurpees or sometimes we fill the pool with bubble bath :). They know its not a big pool, but its wet and cool and fun - most of the time.
So the girls are in the pool playing with polly pockets and mermaids and two other neighbor girls come over, and then a neighbor boy comes over.
You would think we had an olympic sized pool with the amount of kids that want to jump in.
I was on a business call when the neighbor boy came over and I wanted to to tell him go home and get a suit on if he'd like, but when I got off the phone all the kids were gone...
I see Hallie and Davi draining the water!! I think "do I realllly want to know?"
Me: WHY are you draining the pool!?
Davi: its easier than the net
Hallie: you can get the cheeze its in the net but not the yogurt
me: (thinking- 'go back in the house, pretend you didnt hear or see anything') ummmm...who threw up in the pool?
Davi: Hallie did and I ran the net.
Hallie: can I have a sandwich?
Davi: can I have a bath?
me: looking at the box the pool came in .... thinking : I wonder if I can return it still and tell them
"its not like on the front of the box"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My 3 Girls

There is nothing quite like a girl and her kitty. There is a special bond that is very obvious. I suppose its like "a boy and his dog".

Missy is just the perfect kitty, sweet and fun. She makes us laugh all day with her somersaults and flips while playing with a toy mouse. You just never know where you will find her taking a cat nap. She is always right there to greet you when you come home. She will come out from where she was napping when you come home, eager to see you, but still half asleep. I love her little sleepy trot.

We just can't imagine life without this little kitty.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cat Naps

here is a few photos of Miss Missy sleeping, napping, catching some z's

She is getting bigger, starting to look more Jr. Cat instead of kitten. She is the life of the house and keeps us laughing...or crying if she just climbed your leg with her fish hooks :)
wow, I feel sleepy all of a sudden ....

Hair cut

this is a layout I created about Davi getting a hair cut.

I cut a pattern out of Rhonna Farrer paper to look like davi's shirt and then stitched around it and added sequins.